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  • We are the „Laboratory of Biological Sensitizers” and we are opening our doors for Master or PhD candidates and new exciting collaborations! Our laboratories are extremely well equipped and placed at the newly built Chemistry Department (University of Gdansk).


    What is our goal

    The main purpose of our work is to understand the mechanism of sensitization of DNA damage process as well as to develop methods of designing new radio- and photosensitizers. We approach the problem of new sensitizers in a systemic manner: from computational properties, through synthesis, biochemical properties to cellular response. In simple words we are trying to understand how the UV light, radicals or electrons impact the DNA or cell environment. Hopefully the final product of our efforts will be the series of rationally designed compounds which could be employed in future anticancer therapies.


    What can we offer to you:

    • You can choose what you are interested in: computational chemistry, synthesis, analytical chemistry, radiation chemistry, photochemistry, molecular biology or biology of the cell. We have all knowledge and equipment needed*
    • You will be encouraged to use all equipment by your own
    • A welcoming and inclusive environment (young and professional colleagues)
    • Extensive development opportunities (you will have the opportunity of atending international and national conferences and workshops, work in projects funded by many national and international organizations)
    • You will also get the experience in writing scientific texts (publications, patents etc.) and grant applications (national and international)
    • The chance to get involved in the wider University and community (wide range of collaboration with different research groups)
    • and a lot of more ...


    We believe you should be supported to achieve your potential. That is why we provide all the tools, time and encouragement you need to gain new skills and qualifications. Please contact us and feel encouraged to visit us
    - we won't bite :)


    JOIN US!
    Convert your Idea into action (contact: Prof. Janusz Rak, e-mail: janusz.rak@ug.edu.pl)

    *Computer cluster, micro-LC, UPLC, HPLC and preparative systems, HR-ESI-MS, X-ray and UV chambers, termocyclers for PCR, RT-PCR, various gel electrophoresis systems, rotatory evaporators, liophilizators and concenrators, laminar flow hoods, CO2/O2 incubators, inverted fluorescence microscope with oxygen concentration monitor system, flow cytometer. Our University is also equiped with a lot of different crucial devices which are nesecairly diuring the research work and are easily accesible (NMR, IR, Circular dichroism, MALDI-TOF, elementar analysis and more)

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