Project information

Project manager
William Hogland
Other project members at Linnaeus University
Yahya Jani and Jelena Lundström
Participating organizations
- Linnaeus University, Sweden (lead partner)
- SweHeat & Cooling (the Swedish Council for District Heating), Sweden
- Öresundskraft, Sweden
- Opec Gdynia, Poland
- Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
- Lithuanian District Heating Association, Lithuania
- Klaipeda University, Lithuania
Associated partners
- Swedenergy, Sweden
- Energiforsk, Sweden
- Nybro Energi, Sweden
- The Swedish Embassy in Warsaw, Poland
- Roskilde University, Denmark
- ISM University, Lithuania
Interreg South Baltic (total budget EUR 1 302 500)
1 June 2019–5 May 2022
Environmental technology (Department of biology and environmental science, Faculty of health and life sciences)