Dear ERASMUS+ Students,

if You are reading this letter it is obvious sign You are either interested in coming to study at GUT or You already came to do so. It is my great pleasure to welcome You so please read the next paragraphs to learn more on what to do to make Your study period in Gdańsk easier.

As the Faculty Coordinator for the incoming “travelers” please find some hints on Your next steps at GUT. At the very beginning I hope You already contacted Your mentors and/or International Relations Office workers.

Please visit also There You will also find all necessary information on recruitment and registration as well as contact information to all workers of International Relations Office.

First of all, after arrival, You need to come to my office (room no. 232 at Faculty of Chemistry, Chemistry A building) and receive my acceptance for Your study programme – the Learning Agreement (unless it was done in an electronic manner).

During this meeting I will also ask You to give some personal details (including Your Polish address, digital photo and phone number) in order to (later on) prepare documents for Your registration and Student ID card. Unless Your mentor doesn’t show You where to find the study schedule I will do that during the meeting. Please bear in mind that participation in classes in obligatory and only document from the General Practitioner may prove that You were not able to participate in some classes. After my acceptance You have to visit the Office of International Cooperation for other signatures and stamps. The Office personnel will also send the proper documents to Your sending University to prove Your arrival to Gdańsk (if required by Your University Coordinator).

Please carefully choose the subjects of studies to cover all important subjects from Your 'Alma Mater' curriculum, e.g. if You have Organic Chemistry, Process Engineering or Biochemistry at Your home University (in given equivalent semester spent in Gdańsk) then You shouldn’t choose Physical exercises/Sport instead. Please pay also attention to choose subjects with summarized 30 ECTS points for every semester (unless Your 'Alma Mater' accepted other sum of ECTS). If You come to conduct either bachelor degree projects or MSc thesis please follow the rule:

BSc – topics to be chosen for LA

MSc – topics to be chosen for LA


Diploma seminar, Preparation for final exam,  Diploma project (if applicable)

MSc Thesis
Diploma laboratory, Diploma seminar ((if applicable))

+ other topics to cover 30 ECTS per semester if You arrive for 2 semesters (please follow the link no. 1)

+ other topics to cover 30 ECTS per semester if You arrive for 2 semesters (please follow the link no. 1) (bachelor level) (master level)


Having all these documents stamped You have to make their photocopy and bring it back to me to officially assign You to proper subjects, create an account in the electronic system of studies and assign You the ‘student number’. After up to several days You will receive welcoming e-mail from the Central Educational Unit that will enable registering Your account in the Uni official portal - At the website the place will appear where You mark that You want to receive student’s ID card – it costs ca 17 PLN (4 EUR) but it enables reduction of numerous fees (transportation, museums, clubs etc.) in the entire country. It is also possible to purchase extra insurance to cover civilian aspects of any damages You may provoke during Your research – it is my obligation to inform You about it however it is done by external unit of the Faculty of Chemistry so please consider this option before You arrive.

Well… I guess that would be all – if You have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

With my best wishes
dr inż. Błażej Kudłak

p.s. before You leave Gdańsk You need to meet me to receive signed document proving that You have spent given semester/academic year in Gdańsk.

p.p.s. The Transcript of Records (TR) is not issued by me – it must be prepared by Dean’s Office (Dziekanat), however to receive it You need to fill in the document ERASMUS+ STUDENT DEPARTURE CHECKLIST attached (see link below this letter) and give back the student’s ID card.

p.p.p.s. Please do not come “under influence of alcohol” (drunk) to classes/meetings with Teachers, Supervisors or Coordinators – nothing good can come out of it.