Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

Head: Dr Paweł Sowiński
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tel: +48 (58) 347 27 81                          
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RESEARCH ACTIVITIES                          
* Structural studies of organic compounds; the analysis and monitoring of technological processes      
* Polyene macrolide antibiotics, polypeptides, sugars and polysaccharides, flavonoid      
compounds, and petrochemical products    
* Cooperation, either as a service rendered or as a partner, with several university and      
industrial groups, including customers from petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and      
polymers and synthetic materials industries      

* Structural elucidation of organic compounds      
* Identification of individual compounds in simple mixtures      
* Quantitative assignment of organic compounds      
* Analysis of the course of chemical reactions      


* Varian NMR Spectrometer ‐Unity 500 Plus (500MHz)      
o PFG 5mm Probe for indirect detection 1H/(15N ‐    31P)      
o Broadband 10 mm Probe 1H/(15N ‐    31P)      
o Variable Temperature Module (‐150oC to 200oC)      
o PFG (Pulsed Field Gradient) Module      
o RF Waveform Generator      

* Varian NMR Spectrometer ‐Gemini 200 (200MHz)      
o 1H/13C 5mm Probe