Bearing in mind the importance of internationalization of the Faculty of Chemistry, a number of scientific and didactic cooperation’s with foreign universities are established, especially from Europe and Asia. Through joint applications of research grants, exchange of students and academic staff, it is possible to constantly improve the quality of research and education at the Faculty.

In order to develop student exchange, a double degree program was created to enable graduation from two universities. As part of these programs, students after completing two years of study in a foreign parent unit can complete their education at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Gdańsk University of Technology after two years of study. The department offers education at the Bachelor's and Master's level in the field of Green Technologies and Monitoring as an English-language study profile. The Master's program was adopted to accept not only Polish students (as part of summer recruitment), but also foreign students (in recruitment in the winter semester). In addition, the doctoral education program is entirely English-language, which means that at all levels of education we offer education for both Polish and foreign students.

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