Antioxidant Power Series as a tool rational design and assessment of health promoting properties of functional food based on antioxidant phytochemicals

AntiOxidant Power SeriesThe aim of this project is the elaboration of Antioxidant Power Series (APS) for antioxidants that may be produced endogenously or are found as natural food components or components of plants of medical importance. Alike hydrogen constitutes the point "zero" in electrochemical series, in the case of APS as such a reference point glutathione (GSH), the main physiological antioxidant, is proposed. Antioxidants studied will possess negative or positive values of antioxidant power depending on the value of their reduction potential in comparison with the reference compound (GSH). The APS initially based solely on redox potentials, subsequently will be verified as regards its usefulness in predicting antioxidant activity of substances in biological systems exposed to oxidative stress. The results of investigations will provide understanding on the relationship between chemical properties of antioxidants and their biological activity, especially in the case of phenomena affected by reactive oxygen species. As another result of the project, a set of methods/tools will be proposed which will provide results that should enable reliable prediction of efficiency of a given substance (pure or in mixture) in protecting human organism against reactive oxygen species.

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