Project title Creating Automotive Renewal
Project acronyme CAR
Project wep page  
Project total budget € 1 950 200,00
ERDF amount requested € 1 549 675,00
Project leader Industrial Development Centre South
LP name in national language Industriellt Utvecklingscentrum Syd
Number of project partners 10
Number of associated partners 5
Priority axis 3 - Improving cross-border connectivity for a functional blue and green transport area
Specific objective 3 - Improve the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area
Date of project start 2018-01-01
Date of project completion 2020-12-31
Project partners
Industrial Development Centre South
Pomeranian Science and Technology Park
DTU Elektro - Technical Univerity of Denmark - Electrical Engineering
Municipality of Szczecin
Gdansk University of Technology
Lund municipality
Regional Municipality of Bornholm
Project description
CAR will develop systems solutions for the implementation and scale-up of electric vehicle systems. The approach will comprise vehicles, charging posts, payment solutions, business models, and information and discussions with companies and organizations that are interested in investing in fleets of electric vehicles. The goal is to work with several organizations with a potential to invest in ten or more electric vehicles and together with representatives of the organizations explore opportunities, identify obstacles, and drive the process forward toward realization of investments. The project will have access to means to co-finance parts of systems development that can be driven by public organizations. This could mean investments in charging infrastructure, software development, or pilot testing of applications.
CAR will work together with national authorities and leading players in the field of electric vehicle systems, car companies, and organizations that develop software and services. It will be a triple helix project in that it will pool the resources of partners from different sectors of society in order to develop strong business platforms and public-private collaboration networks that can be expanded over the years after the project. The project will also develop a competence resource in the form of a strategy setting network that will continue to work with systems and business related aspects of the large scale transformation of transport systems.
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