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  1. Thermodynamics and structure of solutions, intermolecular interactions in solutions - thermodynamic, spectroscopic and theoretical studies:
    • spectroscopic studies and ab initio calculations concerning hydration of non-electrolytes, electrolytes and hydrophobic hydration, including biologically active compounds,
    • simulations of aqueous solutions of model substances and biomolecules with molecular dynamics,
    • studies on thermodynamic properties and structure of solvated ions, particularly metal cations,
    • characterisation of intermolecular interactions in two-component solvents,
    • molar volumes, isobaric expansibilities and adiabatic compressibilities of salts and individual ions in water, non-aqueous solvents and two-component solvents
  2. Physicochemical foundations of environmental analysis
    • studies on the possibilities of using membranes in solid phase microextraction (SPME) and the applications of the developed probe in the determination of polar organic compounds