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prof. Agata Kot-WasikWelcome to the Faculty of Chemistry (FC) of Gdańsk University of Technology (Gdańsk Tech). With the academic staff comprising nearly 150 active scientists and more than 1500 students, we are one of the most notable units of Gdańsk Tech. Research at FC is focused on the most challenging topics of modern chemistry and chemistry-related scientific areas, including: supramolecular, bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, methods of chemo- and bioanalysis and monitoring of environment, green chemistry and technology, design, construction and evaluation of synthetic drug candidates and biopharmaceuticals, functional polymers, electrochemistry and corrosion science, renewable energy, functional food technology, separation technologies, construction of recombinant proteins for industrial biocatalysis or medical diagnosis, investigation of structural and functional properties of biomacromolecules. Internationally recognized research activity and scientific achievements of the academic staff constitute a solid basis for education of students, who gain knowledge and the practical skills at the BSc, MSc or PhD level in a variety of curricula, including Chemistry, Chemistry in Construction Engineering, Chemical Technology, Biotechnology, Green Technologies and Monitoring (at both levels taught both in English and in Polish), Corrosion and Materials Engineering. Our Faculty offers a very favorable student to teacher ratio of 12:1. Our mission at the FC of Gdańsk Tech is the constant improvement of quality of the educational offer, due to the successful implementation of the worldwide acknowledged results of our scientific research.


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