Rafineria LOTOS / fot. Wojciech Jakubowski

The Faculty of Chemistry of the Gdansk University of Technology cooperates with many industrial plants, science and technology parks, and local government units in Pomerania. The Faculty has signed over 100 permanent cooperation agreements with companies of various profiles, under which scientific-research and teaching cooperation is carried out.

External stakeholders in the Faculty of Chemistry are represented by the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Chemistry. These stakeholders, through the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Chemistry, influence the teaching offer of the Faculty, as well as provide access to student internships, industrial laboratories, scholarships.

Within the framework of regular, everyday contacts we consult with our industrial partners about the curricula for particular majors and obtain opinions about our graduates employed in these plants.

The graduates of our Faculty constitute a group of people with whom we maintain regular contact. During the 75 years of our activity, 12 982 graduates of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Gdansk University of Technology have received their diplomas, including 5613 as engineers and 7369 as masters. The degree of doctor was conferred on 866 persons, and of habilitated doctor - on 161 persons. Our graduates often hold high public office. Among them are entrepreneurs and employees of numerous industrial plants, who are successful in their professional lives and bear witness to the high level of education at our Faculty.