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Wydział Chemiczny PG po zmroku

The Faculty of Chemistry takes care of appropriate selection of personnel, guaranteeing high level of scientific research and didactic process.

High qualifications and care for constant development of the staff is a guarantee of creating competent teams, realizing the strategy of the Faculty and University development. The rules of employment are the subject of appropriate regulations at the university level, in the form of resolutions of the Senate, rector's orders and regulations.

The Faculty of Chemistry employs a total of 283 people in various positions, including: 178 academic teachers, among whom are 25 titular professors, 63 habilitated doctors, 80 PhDs and 10 MSs, and 105 administrative and technical support staff.


  • 2022-03-10

    Sustainable Development Goals in the scientific publications of Chemical Faculty employees

    Gdańsk University of Technology is classified in the "Timer Higher Education" ranking, which is based on the implementation of sustainable development goals. One of the evaluation criteria is the use of appropriate keywords in publications. It is worth to keep in mind these keywords during the preparation of the publications so that they coincide with the list of keywords describing the goals...

  • 2022-02-25

    In solidarity with Ukraine – donate your items

    Gdańsk Tech International Relations Office encourages staff and students to participate in the collection of items for refugees from Ukraine. In this difficult time, let us show our solidarity with the Ukrainian nation as an academic community. All the collected items will be transferred to the Students Affairs Office/Students Houses, which is preparing dormitory number 11 in Brzeźno for the...