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Commercialization of research results

What you should know about commercialization of research results

Numerous scientists of the Gdansk University of Technology conduct research works, which are often in the centre of entrepreneurs' interest. The analysis of Polish companies' R&D activity shows that this area in Poland has a tendency to develop. Therefore, it is worth remembering about the most important regulations concerning the process of commercialization of research work results at Gdansk University of Technology

  • Commercialization takes place at the University in particular through:
  • granting a license to use the invention,
  • creation of a spin-off company.
  • If the invention is commercialized by Gdansk University of Technology, the authors of the invention are entitled to 50% of the profit from commercialization
  • If the invention was made as a result of the performance of duties within the scope of the employee's responsibilities, the economic rights to the invention belong entirely to Gdańsk University of Technology, while the personal rights to the invention belong to the authors of the invention.
  • A researcher interested in commercialization of an invention reports the developed solution to the Team of Patent Attorneys at Gdansk University of Technology.

If an invention is to be commercialized, its author may not disclose the essence of the invention, in particular through scientific or press publications, participation in conferences, etc., as such disclosure will deprive Gdańsk University of Technology of the possibility of obtaining legal protection for the invention.