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The subject of our research and scientific activity are Pro-ecological and Renewable Energy Sources:


  • Experimental, theoretical and numerical study of free convection from objects of different geometry
  • The study of heat conduction in steady and transient states in terms of eliminating contact resistance and developing a method for measuring the thermal conductivity
  • Study of the characteristics of silicon photovoltaic cells
  • Development of a technology for recycling pure silicon from used or damaged PV cells / modules
  • Research on various carriers of renewable energy sources: biogas, hydrogen, solar energy and devices for their conversion, storage and use (solar collectors, photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, wind generators, heat pumps)
  • Numerical studies of the phenomena of free convection and other types of heat transfer as well as flow problems in apparatus and industrial installations, buildings and devices using renewable energy sources
  •  Material recycling of used car tires
  • Application of phase changing materials (PCM) as energy accumulators
  •  Waste heat recovery in industrial installations