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- extremophilic microorganisms and their use in industry (Lucyma Holec-Gąsior, Marta Wanarska)
- diagnostics of human and animal infections caused by bacteria (Beata Krawczyk), fungi (Anna Brillowska-Dąbrowska, Marta Mroczyńska) and parasites (Lucyna Holec-Gąsior, Bartosz Ferra)
- molecular mechanisms of microbial pathogenicity studies conducted in vitro (Beata Krawczyk, Rafał Piątek, Beata Zalewska-Piątek, Anna Brillowska-Dąbrowska, Martyna Mroczyńska), in vivo (Beata Zalewska-Piątek, Rafał Piątek) and also with the use of model invertebrates Galleria melonella (Martyna Mroczyńska)
- molecular basis of regeneration in mammals (Paweł Sachadyn, Rafał Płatek)
- immunoprotective studies of Toxoplasma gondii infections and Borrelia burgdorferi (Lucyna Holec-Gąsior) infection
- DNA-degrading photosensitive compounds (Paweł Wityk)
- population studies on the role of genetic polymorphisms and epigenetic factors (Anna Stanisławska-Sachadyn)