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Practices and internships

Stages of implementation of internships

  1. Choosing the place and time of the internship (student realizes)
  2. Registration of the internship at the Virtual Dean's Office.
  3. Preparation and signing of the contract (implemented by the Dean's Office, room 5 Building 5).
  4. Printing the apprenticeship card (template on the Faculty's website and after logging in to the Virtual Dean's Office).
  5. Obtaining confirmation on the card about the withdrawal of the contract.
  6. Delivery of the contract to the company and return of the signed copy to the Dean's Office.
  7. Implementation of a professional practice.
  8. Obtaining confirmation of completing the internship, on the apprenticeship card.
  9. Preparation of the practice report.
  10. Presentation of the report to the Departments Tutor of interships and obtaining confirmation on the internship card.
  11. Sending (by electronic means) reports to the Plenipotentiary for Student's Practical Training of the Dean.
  12. Conversation with the Plenipotentiary for Student's Practical Training of the Dean (a professional practice card should be brought).
  13. Getting a professional internship.
  14. Return of the completed Practice Card to the Dean's Office, room 5 Building 5

Ph.D. Eng. Radosław Pomećko – Deans Plenipotentiary for practices and internships for fields of studies: Green Technologies, Green Technologies and Monitoring