”Sanepid Book”

Question: I am writing an inquiry because the company with which I want to cooperate and do internships requires a ‘Sanepid book’. Unfortunately, I do not have one. Does the university offer this type of research referral?

Answer: Sometimes the company requires medical examinations, the University of Technology may refer you for basic medical examinations (not at altitude and not specialized, no parasites), but the company must send an e-mail about the need to perform such examinations to the address joanna.rozga@pg.edu.pl. The Dean's Office will then issue a referral for tests that should be performed at Polmed in Gdańsk  (I will provide the address and contact details to the student concerned) - data valid for the academic year 2020/2021.

I can't find an internship – an internship at Gdańsk Tech?

Question: I am writing to you with a problem regarding student internships. I have contacted numerous companies and institutions, unfortunately I am constantly refused, mainly due to pandemics. Will there be internships at the university for students who do not find internships? Do you have any advice on what I should do in such a situation?

Answer: Internship with us at the University of Technology. Students who want to carry out an internship at the Faculty of Chemistry must first look for an internship outside in companies, if they fail, and they have the opportunity to do it at the Faculty, they write an application to the Dean (Vice-Dean for Education) with a request for consent to carry out the internship at The department, in the application, they must write what external companies have refused their internships! The application must be accompanied by the internship program in a given Department signed by the tutor. They bring all this (application and program) to the Dean's office, room 5. This is handed over to Mr. Dean. As they obtain consent, they register an internship at the Virtual Dean's Office in order to register for insurance - we do not issue a contract, because there is no contract between the University of Technology and the University of Technology, the further procedure of settlement of internships is the same as in the case of internships outside GUT.

As a rule and in accordance with the internship regulations, students carry out internships OUTSIDE the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Internship during the semester?

Question: Can I do the internship during the semester? I would like to practice during the semester. Is it possible?

Answer: If you want to do the internship during the semester - it is then necessary to write an application to the Dean with a request for consent to the earlier implementation of the internship - with a declaration that it will not interfere with the classes and the examination session. You submit your application at the Dean's Office, room no. 5. After obtaining the consent, you register your internship at the Virtual Dean's Office and the rest of the procedure as standard.

Insurance certificate

Question: I need proof of insurance.

Answer: The easiest way is to write an e-mail with such a request to joanna.rozga@pg.edu.pl.