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Date added: 2021-01-19

dr Zyta Kowalska

Gałązka oliwna na krzyżu

On the 11th of January 2021, Dr Zyta Kowalska, a long-term employee of the Chemical Faculty of the Gdańsk University of Technology, died. After graduation from the University of Lodz, she was employed in the Department of Technical Microbiology of the Technical University of Technology; as an assistant, she performed laboratory tests and participated in scientific research. She defended her doctoral thesis entitled "The relationship between bacterial acidification and the viability of putrefactive bacteria". After the reorganization of the Faculty, Dr Zyta Kowalska served in the Department of Food Fixation Technology and Technical Microbiology. There she organized a laboratory and conducted lectures and laboratory tests in microbiology for students specializing in chemistry and food technology and participants in postgraduate studies. Together with her team, Zyta Kowalska developed a method of biotechnological recovery of proteins from the leachate of the fish industry. She was a highly appreciated and well-liked colleague of the employees of the previous food science department.