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Laboratory of X-ray Structural Analysis


Determination of molecular and crystal structures by X-ray structural analysis for new (or known) compounds in monocrystalline form, for crystals with the smallest dimension not less than 0.05 mm in each direction.



The Laboratory of X-ray Structural Analysis is equipped with a diffractometer with an IPDS 2T imaging plate detector system from STOE ( The camera has two sources of X-ray radiation – Mo and Cu. Each microfocal source of radiation (from Xenocs) has additionally enhanced brillance by special optics. The diffractometer is equipped with a crystal thermostat (cryostat Oxford Cryosystem 800). It allows us to perform measurements in the temperature range from 100 to 400 °K. The use of the cryostat allows us to determine structure of  crystals sensitive to the presence of oxygen and moisture. Additionally, carrying out measurements at low temperatures significantly improves the quality of measurement data.

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Terms of use / cooperation

Only trained users are allowed to access the diffractometer. Otherwise, staying in the laboratory is possible only in the presence of an operator. It is possible to obtain raw diffraction data (only for a fee) or a complete report with interpretation of measurement data (for a fee or as part of scientific cooperation).

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Customers interested in diffraction experiments and determination of molecular (and crystal) structures and setting the scope of cooperation are kindly requested to contact trained employees listed below. Mail should also be sent to the following address:

Contact persons

prof. dr hab. inż. Jarosław Chojnacki (
prof. dr hab. inż. Anna Dołęga (
dr hab. Katarzyna Kazimierczuk (
dr hab. inż. Łukasz Ponikiewski (