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Microscopy Laboratory


All of the above can perform and carry out microscopic inspection of cells and intracellular structures stained with fluorescent markers.



LSM 800 Zeiss laser confocal scanning microscope uses a laser beam as a light source. It allows to carry out an optical cross-section of the slide along the Z-axis (Z-stack). In addition, it is equipped with the AiryScan detector, which significantly increases the resolution of the image in 3D. This microscope allows simultaneous observation of several markers on one slide and for research to be conducted on the collocation of signals with the possibility of exporting the graph and numerical data. It enables the imaging of both fixed and in vivo slides due to the incubation chamber temperature, CO2 atmosphere and O2 level regulation.

Olympus IX83 inverted fluorescence microscope is equipped with an incubation chamber with temperature regulation, CO2 atmosphere and O2 level, which allows for long-term observation of changes taking place in living cells. This microscope is used for real-time imaging of cells in the field of fluorescence, phase-contrast and light microscopy.

Olympus BX60 fluorescence microscope is equipped with a fluorescent illuminator, a mercury lamp and a Nomarski/DIC prism for transmitting light. It has lenses: 4×, 10×, 20×, 40× and 100×, and fluorescent filters include DAPI, FITC and rhodamine. This microscope is widely used in the imaging of slides under fluorescent and transmitted light.


Terms of use/cooperation

Only trained users have independent access to the apparatus. Otherwise, remaining in the laboratory is only possible in the presence of the PI. It is possible to perform observations and their registration, for a fee or a part of scientific collaboration.

Price list



People interested in conducting experiments and establishing the rules of cooperation are asked to contact the PI, Dr. Natalia Maciejewska (natalia.maciejewska@pg.edu.pl). Please also send a copy of e-mail to elzbieta.szyc@pg.edu.pl.