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Research apparatus

The Department provides extensive services in the field of basic research, implementing cooperation and carrying out orders based on the highest-class scientific and research equipment. The Department is equipped with tools that enable surface analysis, both on the nano and macro scale:

  • Multispectroscope XPS/UPS/ISS/REELS, Escalab 250Xi (ThermoFisher Scientific) xps
  • Electron microscope SEM, S-3400N (Hitachi) with EDS / EBSD detectors (ThermoFisher Scientific) sem
  • Raman microscope / spectroscope, Aramis UV (Horiba) 1
  • Microscopes with scanning probe, AFM and STM / SRI / SCM / SKM / MFM / PFM / EFM / DFM, NTEGRA Aura (NT-NDT) afm

In addition, it has a wide range of equipment for electrochemical and corrosion tests, such as:

  • Autolab, Princeton, Gamry and other potentiostat / galvanostat sets,
  • and modular systems for electrochemical tests based on PXI NI 24-bit and 16-bit measurement cards


And devices for low-temperature fuel cells testing:

  • FuelCell Technologies test station for measuring hydrogen-powered cells stacjs
  • as well as a set of measuring devices for cells powered by methanol / ethanol / formic acid  ogniwo