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Date added: 2023-01-21

New hybrid building materials that will revolutionize the building market

Izabela Malinowska, Anna Zielińska-Jurek
From the left: Izabela Malinowska, Anna Zielińska-Jurek. Photo: Krzysztof Krzempek / Gdańsk Tech

MSc. Izabela Malinowska, Ph.D. student in the Department of Process Engineering and Chemical Technology at the Faculty of Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Anna Zielińska-Jurek developed synthesis method of trifunctional composite with photocatalytic, magnetic and biocidal properties for the production of protective coatings e.g., paints and plasters. The obtained bio-photo-magnetic paint is characterized by high antimicrobial activity tested on gram-positive (e.g., Staphylococcus aureus) and gram-negative (e.g., Escherichia coli) strains. High self-cleaning properties have been proved. The performed analyses also confirmed the superparamagnetic properties of the composite, which improved the magnetic properties of the paint.

Furthermore, the obtained composite was introduced at different steps of paint formation, confirming high efficiency in eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, self-cleaning properties, and magnetic effect that can be used in blackboard surfaces. At present, there are no products on the market with similar triple functionality, which is particularly required in public buildings such as cafes, restaurants, hospitals, health clinics, conference rooms, and playrooms for children. The invention is complemented by a plaster with biocidal and self-cleaning properties.

The result of the work of chemists from our Faculty is a series of three patent applications regarding the method of obtaining and application of trifunctional bio-photo-magnetic composites for the production of protective and decorative coatings with biocidal, magnetic and self-cleaning properties, and two patent applications regarding the method of producing an external coating layer with self-cleaning and antimicrobial properties.

MSc. Izabela Malinowska was awarded a special prize of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in the Student Inventor competition. Furthermore, the composition, which was synthesized at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Gdansk University of Technology, was also awarded at the International Warsaw Invention Show (IWIS) 2022.

Izabela Malinowska is the laureate of the 4th edition of the ECO-innovators 2022 competition in the category of Ph.D. student ECO-innovator. Eco-innovators competition is a nationwide event addressed to students and Ph.D. students distinguished in scientific and organizational activities of a pro-ecological nature.