Results of the Argentum Triggering Research Grants competition (3rd edition) | Faculty of Chemistry at the Gdańsk University of Technology

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Date added: 2023-03-28

Results of the Argentum Triggering Research Grants competition (3rd edition)

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In the 3rd edition of the Argentum Triggering Research Grants program, 22 within 33 applications received funding for a total amount of more than PLN 3 million.

The funds awarded under the competition will increase the level of quality of scientific activity of the Gdansk University of Technology. Under the program, it is possible to obtain a university grant to finance the costs of ongoing research and development of young scientists in areas consistent with the activities of the Priority Centers of PG's Research Areas.

The ranking list is available on website:

At the Faculty of Chemistry, funding was granted to projects:

  1. EcoTech Center
    Project subject: „Evaluation of the potential and effects of microplastics (MP) as a carrier of trace elements from the aquatic environment under varying water conditions”
    Project manager: Aneta Pacyna-Kuchta, PhD, Eng. (Department of Colloid and Lipid Science)
    Funds awarded: PLN 147,264
  2. BioTechMed Center
    Project subject: „Stimulation of complex tissue regeneration using Folistatin”
    Project manager: Piotr Sass, PhD, Eng. (Laboratory for Regenerative Biotechnology)
    Funds awarded: PLN 149,860