The “Baltic Smart Asset Management” Project (acronym: “BSAM”)
is a collaborative project funded from the
Interreg South Baltic.  


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It is a big challenge to achieve the Europe 2020 goals for energy and environment. District heating systems are a tool to reduce fossil fuel dependency.

The Europe 2020 goals and beyond is to increase energy efficiency by 20 %, but also to decrease CO2 emissions. In addition, the European Union, the world's largest importer of energy (400 billion EUR that amounts to approximately 53 % of the entire need), will in the upcoming years face vast reinvestment needs in for modernisation of existing infrastructures, such as district heating (DH) grids (district heating uses waste heat from other industries).

The purpose of the project is to develop methods, transnational collaboration processes and knowledge for smart asset management.

Specific objectives

  • identification of barriers and success factors for the development and implementation of SAM and the digitalization of district heating distribution networks,
  • developing nationally adapted methods for condition monitoring of district heating networks and learning,
  • utilization of modern ICT-tools for Data Driven Predictive Maintenance of district heating networks.