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Badania materiałów polimerowych realizowane

w Katedrze Technologii Polimerów

General research and development areas:

  • use of renewable raw materials in the synthesis of polyurethanes (e.g. based on chemically modified vegetable oils, bioisocyanates and bioglycols) or chemical recycling products of polyurethanes (including glycolysates and glycerolysates).
  • development of polyurethane foamed materials with special performance properties (Nova PUR Sp.z o.o.).
  • development of polymer composites and nanocomposites with planned properties and intended use.
  • research on environmentally friendly methods of synthesis of biomedical, bioactive and biodegradable polyurethanes.
  • modification of asphalts with polymers, including particularly fragmented rubber waste from tire recycling processes.
  • research on obtaining new varieties of composite polyurethane-rubber materials.
  • work on new polymer materials for 3D printing.
  • chemical recycling of polyurethanes (glycolysis, glycerolysis, aminolysis) and the application of the obtained decomposition products in utility applications.
  • preparation of polymer composite fillers from waste materials.
  • synthesis of new non-isocyanate-free polyurethanes (NIPU).
  • development of innovative anti-aging agents dedicated to the processing of rubbers synthesized on the basis of renewable raw materials.
  • synthesis of new polyesters obtained from bio-substrates.
  • optimization of plastic products using renewable raw materials or recycling products.
  • syntheses and studies on the effectiveness of functional additives (including plasticizers and antioxidants).
  • research on a technical scale with the use of a dosing-mixing unit.
  • possibility of experimental production of polyurethane technical products.